Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hair Removal Products

          So, some of this is of a topic that most don't talk about. This post is all about hair removal. To put it plainly, I hate hair! That is unless it is on my eye brows, eye lashes or head. Other than that it could all disappear as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately this is not the reality. If I want hair gone I have to work continually to remove it. I do use just a regular razor and cream to remove it from my legs and underarms put other areas I find this to be too abrasive. Because of my hate for hair, over the past couple years I have gone on a search for the best hair removal products. I have found that my favorite is actually homemade, but I'll do a post on that another time as it is a whole other thing. For those who don't want to go through the trouble of making their own product here are the three standout products I have found.
      First up, the Nair Spa Clay Roll on Wax. You can get this and the other products online or in any drug store, I've even found it at Giant Eagle. I tried this on my legs once just out of curiosity and I didn't like it there. I found that the hair grew in too many directions for the wax to work efficiently and that there were a lot of stragglers. What I do like this for is the bikini area. Now, I am not a doctor and this product is not recommended for that area so proceed with caution, I am only sharing my experiences. It is definitely important to be careful when working around sensitive areas. Follow the directions on the back and be careful about the temperature of the product when you apply it. Another tip is to cut the strips that come with it to a size that works best for area you are waxing. This product is super easy to use and gives great results. I am left hair free for a week and the growth after that is slow and thin (tmi?) but it does take some time to remove the hair.
This Nair Bikini Cream is great also. My main use of it is not what it is intended for either. I have used in around my bikini lines when I was in a pinch and it worked okay, but what I really like to use it for is on my face. I know it seems weird, using a product for down there on your face but it makes total sense I promise. The skin around your bikini area is very sensitive, so is the skin on your face so I have found this product is great to use on the sensitive skin of your face. I personally use it between my eyebrows. Now I don't have a full blow unibrow but I have this blonde peach fuzz type hairs which show up when I apply makeup. I'm sure this would help if you had a little mustache too. The great thing about this is that its cheap, you only need a little and the hair does not grow back appearing thicker. Be careful with this though test it on your skin where it won't be visible to see how sensitive you are to the ingredients so that you do not experience lasting redness from leaving it on for too long.

Okay, this one is going to seem really weird. It's the Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder which is meant for men of color which I am not but I find it to be very useful in a few different ways. The first is the same as the Nair Bikini Cream, between the brows. The other way I have used this is a a replacement for shaving down there. It is quick and works well but you do have to use it every few days. This is the most affordable option, although all three are pretty cheap. I think this is my favorite of the three due to its versatility, efficiency, and price.

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