Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Makeup Remover

       Here it is, my diy make up remover. I love trying out different products but with my eyes I find that I have to be careful because they can dry out easily. This diy makeup remover is cheap and easy to make and get off ANYTHING. It cannot be used by those with lash extensions because it is purely oil.

     So start by gathering your material. You'll need cotton rounds, baby or olive oil and a jar with a diameter slightly greater than that of the cotton round and anything you'd like to decorate the jar with.

 Now put 10-15 cotton rounds into the jar and add oil until cotton rounds are covered. Give the cotton rounds a minute to soak in the oil and the add ten-15 more and oil for those to fill up. repeat this until your jar is full.

At this point you can decorate the jar any way you'd like. I think a ribbon would be super cute or a paint job, make it your own. So here it is, super simple. These makeup removing pads are extremely gentle and would be great to travel with, just move it to a smaller container and bring it on the go with you. 

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